Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Menu Planning

Delicious foods you will be missing out on, if you're not eating at my house for Thanksgiving tomorrow:

Sweet potato casserole
Corn casserole
Baked beans^
Green beans^
Cranberry sauce ^
Deviled eggs^
Sweet potato pie
Pumpkin pie
Oatmeal cookies^
Sweet tea

The three things noted with *asterisks* are the only things I'm serving not made from scratch in my very own kitchen. 

The stuffing?  While it seems simple to most.... I've tried and failed on many occasions.  Jer far prefers Stove Top to most anyone else's stuffing recipes, anyway.  And I don't like the stuff, so what do I care? 

Gravy?  Call this pure laziness.  I pour mine from a can and reheat it.

Rolls?  Maybe next year I'll attempt a roll that even Lydia can eat.  This year, I've got enough on my hands.

The other things noted with the ^arrows^ are foods I'm making specifically for Lydia.  Things I need specific or special ingredients to substitute with for Lydia to have a meal she can both eat and not have to pay for later in the day. 

I'm especially excited about the cranberry sauce.  It's my new recipe this year.  Each year I try to add one new recipe.  Some have been a success, some a major fail.  I found the recipe here.  While I emphatically hate the canned stuff (which also happens to be the only cranberry sauce I've ever tried before), I'm hoping with all the rave reviews this recipe receives I might get to enjoy something new.

My absolute favorite food on the menu has to be the sweet potato pie.  Mmm...  I make two pies, just to be sure there will be more then enough for me to have an extra large slice.  Or two. 

Or three.  When no one's looking.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  May you all gain an extra 5lbs right along with me!

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