Monday, August 30, 2010

More Shit Talk

Lydia pooped in the potty for the first time today, on her own accord. 

As in, she held it all morning instead of soiling her panties. 

As in, she said she had to "pie" (her word for potty) and she dutifully climbed up there and pushed it out.  All of it.  Like, a whole freaking load.

This is the break I've been waiting for, for a week.  I'm desperately hoping this means she's finally got the clue and figured out how to poop on cue.  I'm so tired of shit.  Wiping a shit covered ass, watching the dogs eat shit off the floor, dumping shit out of panties and into the toilet.

Welcome to Motherhood!

I know I have it better then most.  Both of my kids will have been potty trained months before their second birthday.  Even still.  Shit just sucks. 

I'm kinda sad, though.  I was all excited and thrilled to say I had Lydia potty trained at 19 months, but, as it is, today Lydia is 20 months.  So even if she is completely in panties both at home and in public by the end of this week, I'll only be able to say "My GENIUS kid, essentially, potty trained herself at 20 months!" 

We didn't get it done in 3 days, but if we can get it done in 2 weeks, I'll take what I can get.

Hopefully, for all of our sakes, the talk of bodily function is coming to an end.  And then it's off to another embarrassing topic, I'm sure. 

If they gotta have something to bitch to their therapist about when they get older, I want to make sure it's something good! 

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