Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making Her Own Style in Life

Kyra woke up the rest of the house this morning getting herself dressed.  Although, it's not like it was even all that early. 8am is a fairly decent hour to sleep to in my house.

Now, I'm proud of her for taking initiative and putting herself together instead of me either (1)having to pick out her clothes for her or (2)having to nag her to do it herself.

The problem with the whole situation is the predicted high is 90*. And Kyra doesn't care. Because she wants to be a COWGIRL and dress in her COWGIRL CLOTHES.
Maybe she'll turn out to be my girly girl, after all.  Beauty is pain.  Or in Kyra's case, a heat stroke.


  1. Loving the retro cowgirl style. She looks like she's walking down a runway, pausing for a pose and so mature at that. How cute. You've gotta admit, Kyra has her own individual style that completely works for her. As you said, "Beauty is pain" which is why I suppose I never went for it, pain and too much work:) Kudos to Kyra!

  2. Do they make ice skates that look like cowgirl boots? How cool would that be? She would love them! It would go great with her Olympic routine: Cowgirl on Ice