Friday, August 27, 2010

How Jeremy Can Mess Up A Good Thing in 15 Minutes

I've successfully gotten Lydia to poop 3 out of the last 6 times in the potty in the last 2 day.  I guess you could say, the odds are starting to go up-- in my favor.  What?  50/50 is better then 90/10.

With knowing that, I present to you: Lydia refusing to poop in the potty.

Riveting, I know.  

Our process goes something like this-->
 **using my soothing voice** Lydia, you need to go poo-poo.
Lydia: This woman is so lame.  If only she'd go away.

**trying again, upbeat this time** Lydia, you need to poo-poo potty.  Come on!
Lydia:  Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away.

**using my annoyed voice**  Okay, Lydie.  Come on.  You need to poop in the potty.
Lydia:  Look, bitch, I'm all done.  Clearly there is nothing going on here today.  Now let me off. Gah, you are so annoying. 

And with that, I put Lydia in panties.  Mostly because she's not having any peeing accidents and I'm tired of watching the dogs clean up the random poop piles around my house.

I know, your welcome.

Hey!  At least I posted this AFTER breakfast, right?  RIGHT?

Anyway.  So we've started panties today.

And then on Jer's watch, as I was uploading these pictures, she shit her pants.  Just a little though. Like she knew it was wrong.

Jer changed her out, cleaned her up, slapped some new panties on her and let her run off to play.  I firmly warned him to keep an eye on her since we know she has to go, she'll probably run off to the corner of a room and take a crap.

At which point, we found her standing in Kyra's door way.  Jer said THERE YOU ARE! and, being awfully observant, started goofing off with Kyra who was standing kiddie corner to Lydia.  I glanced at Lydia, noticed the pained look on her face and said Guess what YOUR kid is doing!!!

So, as it stands.  I've managed to get Lydia successfully into panties only to have Jeremy come home and let her crap in them.  Twice.


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