Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day of Growing

Lydia decided first thing this morning that TODAY was the day she wants to potty train as she shed her diaper and emphatically pointed to her crotch and then the bathroom.

Whatever you want, kid.  In NO WAY am I going to deny you the desire to ditching those damned diapers.

I was actually planning to sit down and do a serious potty training session later on this week.  Kyra's activities all seem to be taking a hiatus for the next two and a half weeks and what better time to start then.... today?  I guess?


While impromptu training is going on, I decided it would be a good time to clean out the girls' closets and dresser.  Out with the scantly clad, in with the growing room.

Turns out, the girls have had a fucking field day with growing this summer.  Nothing fits, and by nothing, I mean each child is left with a total of 3 outfits each.  As for the rest of their crap, I've clearly been stuffing them in their clothes like sardines.

It's funny how children have these sudden growth spurts.  Kyra's managed to jump 2 complete sizes from a 4 to a 6.  Lydia is trying to grow out of her 24 month clothes long before I expected her to and now she's potty training herself at 19 months.  I mean, COME. ON.  What's the rush?

Okay, well, except for the potty training.  That shit can't come soon enough...

I must say, with all the sadness of their growing up at least I know one this is for sure...  Lydia still has the smallest, teeniest old man's ass I have ever seen in my life.

Ahh... potty  training.  The good, the bad and the ugly. 


  1. too cute ... good luck on the training!

  2. SO glad it's not just my two going through the growth spurt thing! Nyki doesn't have it so bad b/c she gets all Kira's hand-me-downs but Kira? WOW. Size 6 already too!! And same as with your Kyra, pretty much nothing fits. We are so close to Spring though that I'm just making a stash of dresses, skirts & tanks.

  3. Joelle- Thanks! We thought Lydia was going to be as difficult as Rachel, but as it turns out her hatred for soiled diapers seems to far out weigh their convenience!

    Erica- What is up with our children? LoL! Though, I'm with you- Lydia has all Kyra's hand-me-downs while Kyra, well...? Maybe that's why I've had the sudden urge to start sewing some new clothes for her!