Friday, August 20, 2010

Arguing with the Elderly

We started buying from our farmers market this past winter because Lydia seems to do much better on grass fed meats.  My best guess is that something about the amount of corn and soy they feed the animals in the feed lot doesn't do so well with Lydia's already corn/soy intolerant digestive system. 

We also buy our milk from there.  I started buying it because they sell the best damned chocolate milk my mouth has ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Jer wants me to buy it because it's sold in glass jars- he's easily entertained.  But I continue to buy it because it's local, and I know exactly where it comes from.  Besides, it feels good to know I'm helping my "neighbors" out.

We've bought our eggs at the market before, but it's not always been the norm.

My neighbor, a 77 year old, life long, native of NYC tells me I'm absolutely crazy.  He can't see why it serves any purpose to pay the little extra to buy sub standard stuff.

He says grass fed beef is terrible.  He says he refuses to eat it.  (unless I cook it, and then he eats it.  But then again, he's 77 and probably forgot where I bought it from)

The fruits and veggies there, he says, are way too small and then they over charge you for them!  I try to explain to him the nutritional value of things NOT grown with all those chemical laden fertilizers are much higher and better for you then the stuff we buy in the stores.  He emphatically disagrees.

ALL HIS LIFE, he says, he's never bought organic and look at him- he's 77 and still alive and kicking!  Mind you, 4 out of 5 members of his immediate family have died premature deaths due to cancer.  Though, this could also have something to do with his stories about his family swimming in the East River of Manhattan.  My only thought of that is.... ewww.  I can only imagine what all the factories dumped into that river back in his day.  None the less, my neighbor is the LAST ONE kicking from his immediate family.

In my humble opinion, I'd call that sheer luck.

Now, all this isn't to say that I've gone all local/organic food all the time and if you don't do the same you're a giant monkey turd. (lets face it, a little Cheese Whiz spread on a cracker is just yum!) It's just that, with all the recent recalls on e-coli laden beef and salmonilla covered eggs-- I'm one of those people who don't have to worry a whole lot.

So when the wife of my neighbor asked me in a concerned way "You're not using or feeding the girls any eggs, are you?"  I was able to say "Yes, of course. We buy them local and organic," I got that feel good thing going on.  Like I'm doing something right.

That is, until her husband said What are you wasting your money on that crap, for?

I guess it's true, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. DNA altered crops did not start coming to market until the 80's, which saw a marked increase in peanut, soy, corn allergies about 5 years later. HUMMMH! Also, the pesticides were different than they are now.

    Pay the extra or you could end up like a little 7 year old I know who has started puberty, living on prcessed or take out food all her life! Cow do not need hormones to produce a lot of milk, they do it naturally!