Monday, May 10, 2010

She Is A Genuis and I'm Not An Idiot

Last year when we decided for certain that homeschooling was for us, I put a pretty hefty bar for Kyra and I to accomplish before I was positive I'm not an idiot and yes, I can indeed teach my own kid.  The bar?  To teach Kyra to read before the end of this school year. 

Tonight, I wrote this sentence on a wipe board:  The fat cat sat on the yellow mat.


Oh, and Kyra's too.

She hasn't read her first book, yet,  but somehow, someway, I've managed to get achieve a goal I was certain we were going to miss.  My kid is learning to read.  She's made me a very proud Mama today.

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  1. whoohooo! congratulations to both of you! smart (and dedicated) mama = smart little girl!