Sunday, May 09, 2010

How It Is Possible To Love A Greasy Burger Joint When You Hate Greasy Burgers

Have I told you all how much I love Five Guys restaurant?  No?  Oh, maybe it's because my postings around here have become sporadic, to say the least.

Five Guys is great because everyone in our little family can eat there.  Jer gets his extra large, extra unhealthy double bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings.  Krya gets her hot dog or cheeseburger- hold all toppings.  I can get either a grilled cheese or veggie sandwich and, best of all, Lydia can have their all beef, kosher hot dogs. 

Lydia's meal is a special treat for her.  With all of her "not allergies, allergies" we have an extremely difficult time trying to find her food wherever we may want to dine.  Usually we bring a full meal for Lydia with us which can be, uh, slightly cumbersome and annoying.  Eating meals out on the fly are not in the stars for us anymore, they have to be preplanned and packed for.  Usually Lydie watches us eat our unhealthy treats while we're trying to convince her that a snack up of Rice Cheks and an apple are so much more delicious.  This child is not stupid and does not easily fall for such shenanigans. 

Anyway, so back to Five Guys.  I can walk up to the counter, ask them for a "hot dog- no bun.  Allergies."  and at that exact moment, before they ever type the order in, the order taker shouts over his shoulder "ONE DOG, NO  BREAD, ALLERGIES!" at which point every one who may possibly be working on our order stops, cleans the grill, changes gloves and makes Lydia's order completely separate to limit any possible cross contamination.  To top it off, Lydia gets her very own order bag.

The icing on the cake for Lydia is their french fries.  Nothing but cut potatoes soaked in hot peanut oil are used.  There's no corn starch added.  No soy lectin.  No ingredients we can't pronounce or assign to any particular food group.  Lydia had never in her life had a french fry before we found this place.... but now it's safe to say we've created a monster.  Almost makes me want to go out and buy one of those french fry cutter things so we can enjoy them at home too.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this:
Dear Five Guys Burgers and Fries,

You take such wonderful care of my dear, delicate flower of a daughter by not only being aware that even people with severe not allergies, allergies want to eat out on occasion with the rest of the world but also by taking precautions to keep these people safe by not cross contaminating your food.  For this, I am your bitch.  I heart you, Five Guys. 

Slave to the Mommy Trade


  1. If and when there is a visit to this part of the Mason Dixon Line...we are less than ten minutes from one of their taste establishments...and there are several other all over the city. OH, and i keep hearing about this best burgers restaurant...Now that my veggie sis and no allergies, allergies niece have also eaten there I am obligated to go. oh and Happy Mommy's Day!

  2. Awesome! I never thought I'd hear the word: Fried fast foods, and YOUR children in the same sentence-but REALLY happy she can eat with the family- I'd feel shafted eating an apple, too

  3. Gayla- I wouldn't say it's particularly the best tasting food I've ever had (*ahem*), not even close. I'm just more thrilled there is something for everyone. I guess it's the little things that excite me- lol!

    Lisa- No kidding! Kyra was 3 before she ever had a french fry that wasn't cooked in my oven. Think this means I'm getting weak or desperate?

  4. we went all the time in virginia and i missss it