Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ya, Um. Disregard That Last Post About Pre-K

Remember this post? The one where I said we were going to enroll Kyra into Pre-K next year? If you'd politely disregard that post, that'd be great. We've decided we're going to home school.

No. Seriously. Stop laughing.

And if you tell me my kid is going to be an unsocial weirdo, forgive me if I punch you in your ignorant face. If you tell me I'm going to completely and utterly screw up my child's ever expanding mind and fill it with recipes on how to make chocolate chip cookies or how to can peaches... then, you may be on the right path.

The thing is, I don't know how to quite go about doing this whole home school thing yet. So I need your advice. I'll even include for you guys an e-mail I sent out to a couple of friends I know who home school their children. This way, if you guys have any knowledge, advice or tips.... you too could help a sista' out.
Because, once again, you two are the smartest people I know on this topic, I turn to you.

A year ago Jer and I started talking about home schooling Kyra vs. sending her to Catholic School (which before that point had always been our plan). We were all YEA! and WE CAN DO IT! and gung-ho about it and told our families who said our children would turn out to be utter weirdos. Once we dismissed that thought we were once again all YEA FOR HOME SCHOOLING! I GET TO HAVE MY BABY WITH ME FOREVER! (which, by the way, she already promised me she'd never leave me and I could even live with her in her dorm at college).

By pass 7 months and we've moved here... to which Kyra promptly started acting atrocious and horrid and I wanted to sell her for a new pet monkey... because at least I'm allowed to lock pet monkey's in a cage if they start acting out. So we rethought that whole home schooling thing and was like NEVER MIND! JUST KIDDING! We toured schools. Gathered information. Filled out paperwork. And then just sat there. We don't want to do it. Everything we read on home schooling just points us into that direction.

But now we're lost.

We have no idea when to start the actual curriculum. Do I start with pre-k stuff this fall when she's 4 or do I just go on with life as normal until she is supposed to start kindergarten at 5? I mean... we read copious amounts of books everyday. We go over ABC's, and just started teaching her how to spell her name and recognize numbers. I mean. This is everyday stuff to us/her, so is that considered pre-k material or....? I don't know.

Tell me the When's, Where's and How's as to going about this home schooling business. When do we get started for serious, law abiding business. Where do we go to find materials and support? Where do we find more "weirdo's" to associate with. And how do we even get started in the right direction before the law is after us for screwing up our child without their permission?



-----PS!!! And how do I go about doing this with Lydia either screaming from her bouncer seat or attached to my chest. Because, right now, it is COMPLETELY distracting to Kyra. Though, that could also be because she's 3 1/2 and has the attention span of a gnat. But what do I know?
So... anyone have anything for me? Go ahead, you can tell me I'm insane and crazy if you want. I'm already well aware of that point.

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  1. All I have is caution and encouragement, but I will ask around.

    The only reason my mom didn't homeschool me was because she was afraid we might kill each other. It was strictly a "How much of this can I take?" decision. I don't think you're crazy for considering it, and it's not like you can't reconsider after each year and say, "Okay, Little Miss, now you're going to school school." Personalizing the curriculum and teaching her homey things is a great idea. I think you should go for it.