Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tech Savvy VS The Little School That Could

According to Lydia's new pedi, she too seems to think it was just a reaction to the Enfamil formula. She said the same thing Lydia's last pedi stated, while they're similar, they're still different and she could have a reaction to one and not the other. Though, if she has another bloody episode on Similac, we're to bring her in IMMEDIATELY with the stool sample in hand. Yum.

Along with the doctor's visit, we also took a tour of 2 of the local catholic schools. One we'll refer to as Tech Savvy and the other as The Little School That Could.

Tech Savvy seems to have everything. All the latest technology, recent upgrades to the look of the school, parents welcomed and encouraged to take part in the schools day to day functions- not just inside the classrooms and all the children seemed very well behaved. We stopped into many of the class rooms interrupting their study and I can say I didn't see a single student act as if anything different was going on. They were quiet, well mannered and polite. And on top of all that.... they start learning Spanish in Pre-K, 100% of the students in 4th and 5th grades last year performed at the 3rd and 4th level (1 being the lowest, 4 the highest) for state exams in Mathematics and 95% in English. Their take on discipline? Lets focus on the positive aspects of the students.

The Little School That Could, while not showy or flashy by any means, seemed small and quaint on the outside while seeming to have more students in each class room. The principal, a nun minus the habit, took us on the tour. Once again, we interrupted classes. The principal called on students to tell us what they like best about their school (most said lunch and gym), what they learned at school (long division, reading, writing, how electricity conducts) and if they enjoyed coming to school (some blank faces, some nodding heads). All in all, not too exciting. I was very happy and excited at the end when we all sat down (there was a group of us on this tour) and started an open question and answer session. When do they start foreign languages? Not until 3rd grade as we like to focus on them learning to read and write proficiently in English before we start a new language. Are parents welcomed? Only for Kindergarten and even then mostly for field trips. We're in the business of making children independent. How much is tuition? Slightly less then Tech Savvy. What happens if we can't afford tuition? We don't turn anyone away who wants to continue Catholic education for the long haul. We will find the money. Discipline? We help the student understand what they did was wrong and to make it right.

We walked out of Tech Savvy shaking our heads thinking, This place is nearly perfect. Strong learning structure, well behaved children (I honestly wonder where they were hiding the dunce caps and rulers- that's how lovely the children were), school condition bright and cheery, brand new technology.

We left The Little School That Could wondering how in the world there is such a HUGE difference in two schools just a few miles apart. Still, it holds a place in my heart and I just don't know why. Maybe it's because they don't turn anyone away. Not a problem for us, but the kindness of that phrase gets to me. Like, Kyra's tuition may help to fund another student's learning. I keep viewing this school like it's the runt of the litter. Like if I pick this runt, feed him well, give him a good bath, soon enough-with my help- this runt can and will easily catch up with the rest of the litter.

But these aren't puppies. They are schools. And even though Jer and I are 96.4% sure she's going to attend Tech Savvy, I still feel this pang of guilt for not enrolling her into The Little School That Could. I have never been able to shake that need of mine to fix everything, I want to pick up this dirty rock and shine it until the diamond sparkles. But I know that our measly little bit of tuition money won't be what the school needs to spiff it up, install the latest technology and provide the best learning environment for my daughter and, because of that, next year Kyra will more then likely attend Tech Savvy.


  1. you don't need to feel guilty for doing what's best for your daughter and family ... besides Kyra will fit right in with those perfectly-behaved children at Tech Savvy!

  2. I think the most important part is the approach on parent involvement. Maybe the little school that could would have the same things as the tech savvy if it allowed more parent involvement. I do not turn any parent that comes into my classroom away. I feel this makes my classroom stronger and the parents are more willing to help their child and help with anything in the classroom. I would go with the tech Savvy just based on that. Maybe the children are better behaved their because they have the parent support.
    But I understand you feeling on the other school. I am the same way. If I can just reach that one student, the whole world will be a better place.