Monday, March 09, 2009

I Think Something Might Be Wrong....

Even though Lisa and Candace have both wrote to inform me of their LOVE of Enfamil Nutragamin, apparenly Lydia's intestines have a different opinion. She's bleeding from her ass. That's right. Shit comes out, as does blood.

Now I have to decide if it's because we started using Enfamil instead of Similac three days ago (I'm a coupon junkie) or if she needs yet another new formula. Jer ran out this evening and picked up another can of Similac Alimentum in hopes that the blood stops flowing. If not, we may be up Shit's Creek again.

side note to Erica's comment way back when about goat's milk... I have yet to see it in the form of formula. Though I might be asking Lydia's pedi about it. As soon as we find a new pedi for the Artic Tundra. Which will hopefully be tomorrow. Hopefully.


  1. Yeah- never had that problem! How freaky and scary!

    I told you my good friend has a baby boy a few days/weeks(Dunno, Jan baby) younger than Ms. Lydia and he was doing the SAME thing on both the hypoallergenic formulas.

    His GI put him on neocate(RX only)- so I should check to see how he is doing. I'd stick with the Similac now! Poor baby!

  2. my fingers are crossed that going back to similac solves it ... and for finding a good pedi! we're sending love and prayers for a swift recovery for Lydia (wish we could do more for her).

  3. A caution about goat's milk -- Niki did not like it when I drank goat's milk and then fed her (we were having lactose issues). I think it's actually stronger than cow's milk in some ways, and it really sounds like Lydia's problems are deeper than just lactose intolerance. So be careful.