Friday, February 20, 2009

The Waiting Game

Lydia's well baby went, for lack of a better term, well. She looks great, sounds great, and is overall a picture of perfect health. With the exception of her loose stools and beacon red behind and constant crying.

I listed off all the signs and symptom, informed her about Kyra's previous allergy to all things dairy and waited for her response. The pediatrician asked tons of questions, poked and prodded around Lydia's belly and came to the same conclusion I did (though I didn't tell her about my conclusion); Lydia is probably sensitive or allergic to both dairy and soy.

We've switched her formula to Similac Alimentum. And she HATES it. Today has been even worse with the crying because Lydia is refusing to eat at all costs. Oh, sure I can get her to swig down an ounce here, two ounces there... but for the most part, she's on a hunger strike. Giving in just long enough to stave off starvation but not enough to fill her up.

The pedi warned me about this. She said the new formula tastes terrible and not to be surprised if Lydia doesn't want to drink it. She hit that bell right on the head.

So now it's a waiting game. We wait for Lydia to get hungry enough to eat. And we wait to see if the new formula helps out with her digestive troubles. And we wait for the day the Heavens open up and smile down upon me and my kid quits screaming like a rabid monkey getting poked with a hot stick.

I'm waiting.... Impatiently, but I'm still waiting.


  1. What about goats milk formula? It's very popular over here with babies who are allergic to soy and the dairy formula. You can buy it from the health food shops, it's very easy to digest from what I hear and the taste is not at all unpleasant.

  2. Yeah, should have mentioned that. Nutragimen smelled about as awful as I assumed it tasted. Same stuff- different brands(Enfamil's version of Alimentum). Kenzie was weird and didn't care that it tasted like crap. Hoping she learns to love it soon.

    Poor bub. We need some new photos with these post my dear(screaming or not).

  3. i hope for you and Lydia's sakes (and Kyra's, too, for that matter) that you can find as good of a pediatrician in the frozen north!