Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Case of the WAAAH!

Cry, cry, crycrycry. That's what Lydia does.

Oh, she naps here and there. Like the 20 minute nap she took in her swing this morning. Or the 3 hour nap she took while strapped in my new Beco carrier (which was sent from the Heavens, by the way- I HIGHLY recommend getting one). I even managed to swaddle her teeny, tiny heiny up tighter then a frog's ass and she slept for (wait for it......) an entire hour! But with every closing of her eyes, she still bitches. Eyes closed, a random Eeeh! escapes her pouty lips, usually followed by a Hmph. and then a WAAAH! Even when sleeping, she's still complaining.

Which, might be normal. Who knows? Its just that when Kyra slept, she slept quietly. No bitching, no moaning, no complaining... just quiet, peaceful sleep.

So when Lisa commented on yesterday's post that her daughter was on Nutramigen, being the researcher that I am, I googled. What I found was not a whole lot. Until I stumbled upon something called Alimentum, a Similac brand formula. On the Similac website I found this:
Some babies have long crying spells and cannot be easily comforted. This excessive crying or fussiness is sometimes called colic, and may be due to a sensitivity to the protein. Other symptoms such as severe diarrhea, rashes, and even sleeping problems also can be caused by protein sensitivity.
to which I thought... cha-ching!, this single paragraph has just described Lydia to a T. Tomorrow I'll have to ask Lydia's pediatrician about this. Maybe, just maybe, we can fix this before she is 9 months old, because that's how long it took to diagnose Kyra's dairy allergy.

Now that this mystery is maybe, possibly, HOPEFULLY solved, I just have to start figuring out why Kyra decided to spike a 102.2 temperature today. No real signs or symptoms other then loss of appetite and no energy. Hell, she even took a 3 hour nap. Though, maybe that has something to do with the Shadow Man (her description, not ours) she says comes into her room at night. Weirdo.


  1. You're moving soon, right?

    Let's hope that "Shadow Man" decides not to come with you.

  2. Austy has been having the same things as Kyra...

    He's got the flu. And man it's been some HIGH temps. Last night got to 104.7. We've been to the ER, and all they say is it's the flu, sorry we can't do anything. Hopefully little miss doesnt have it!!!