Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday! SunDay! SUNDAY!

We attended church for the first time since arriving in the Artic Tundra. In Father's homily I counted 2 Oh my God!'s and 1 Damn you to Hell.

I don't think that was the church for us.


  1. oh, goodness ... i don't think so either. are either of the schools affiliated with a church or are they "stand-alone" schools?

    p.s. how's Lydia feeling since switching back to similac?

  2. The schools aren't stand alone, but they're not affiliated with this particular church either. The church is local to our neck of the woods, the school is not. There are probably 4 other Catholic churches between our humble abode and the one the school is affiliated with.

    And Lydia is doing MUCH better! Thanks for asking. Seems there is absolutely NO way we can slide away from using Similac Alimentum and only that can for the next year. After that... I'm not sure what she'll be drinking.

  3. I didn't know Catholic churches preached hellfire and damnation!:)

  4. that was my thought. i have been to many different Catholic churches and none of the preached hellfire and damnation.