Monday, March 16, 2009

What Can I Say? I Like A Clean House.

Last night Jeremy hopped on the computer and bought me a new Orick vacuum because I'm waiting for the wheels to fall off my current vacuum (no, seriously, I've had it a year and the wheels squeak and grind so much I'm not holding out that they'll last for the long run) but that's okay because the vacuum doesn't hold suction anyway, the filter is dirty and I haven't been able to find that make/model at my local Wal-Mart and I replace filters on what seems like a MONTHLY basis and, damn it, I can't stand the dog hair anymore!

He also added to that excitement and bought me a fancy schmancy new Nikon D60 camera because I hate digital cameras, including my own, and they all suck big ass but this one is DIFFERENT! as I used it the other day in Best Buy and damn if it isn't just a lovely contraption. Almost as lovely as my Nikon 35mm camera.

Though, does it seem weird I'm much more excited about my vacuum coming in the mail? Jer even paid the extra money to have it sent in 4 days because there is no absolute way in Hell I could wait another 4 weeks- which was the other option.


  1. you guys should have bought a dyson..the animal is bagless and you wash the filter it comes with every 6 months. Best hair picker-upper ever! And it comes with a warranty...if it doesn't suck or something breaks return it and they will send you a brand new one! no extra cost...I will say the original is a bit much...but well worth it.

    So glad Lydia is doing so much better! How is Kyra adjusting to the new house?

  2. I chose the orick over the dyson BECAUSE it has a bag. For 6 years I've been using a bagless vacuum and I can't stand emptying the container. All the dust just floats right back up out of the trash can and into your face. Yuck!

    Kyra is adjusting well. She runs up and down the stairs effectively 800 times a day. Needless to say bedtimes are no problem as of late!

  3. Wait.. your husband got you something and it's not your birthday? Or Anniversary? Or he's not in the dog house?

    OK, trading mine in.. Kidding.. Duane keeps getting me things that expand my backside when I tell him repetitiously that I am trying to DIET! Ughh! Score on the new stuff and I agree about the dust hitting you in the face- I've even dumped it on the floor by accident trying to man handle the damn thing loose.

    Camera rocks, too! Lucky wifey!


  4. I am so with Gayla. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dyson DC17 Animal. Got it online direct from them. Everything on it that I've managed to break...they've replaced for me! Amazing! I kept telling Husband that it would suck his face off...he didn't believe how much power the thing had until it ate one of his shoe's strings.

    Good lucky with the new camera too! We absolutly are in love with his D200 that he got a while back. Very good buy.

    I'd be excited if I were in your shoes right now....for sure! Especially with dogs and the vaccum. I feel ya!