Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Better Late Then Never

I finally uploaded the few pictures I had on my camera from the move. Just to prove to you guys we used to have an ass load of snow when we first arrived.... here ya go.

Lydia had to make certain she wasn't left behind. So she screamed until we put her in the carrier.Cricket insisted during every pit stop that he was willing to take over the wheel. He was a bit sad when Jeremy declined.

Kyra frequently insisted she wasn't tired. I insisted she close her eyes anyway. And she fell to sleep.

I tried to tell her the snow was deeper then she was tall. And this is less snow then what was on the ground in January when we first saw the house. This picture was taken seconds after pulling up in the drive.

After a few days of above freezing temperatures, and still no furnature, Jer and Kyra decide to try to dig out the walk way.

They found it!

Once the movers arrived with our stuff, Kyra got down to business. She was "grocery shopping". Look at what she bought!


  1. Looks like you have Kyra doing all the chores - shoveling the walkway, grocery shopping...

  2. That's right. She's got to learn how to earn her keep!

  3. Alicia! I love your pictures, and am glad to say, I'm rather happy we didn't get stationed where it snows like that! EEK! Bravo to you!

    Where did you find her carseat??!! We've been looking for a high back booster seat, with a 5 point harness, and I CAN'T FIND ONE ANYWEHREEEEE!!!

    Let me know :) thanks!


  4. The car seat is a graco nautilus. Love it! (Though, I still love her old britax even more.) I've seen them at wal-mart. We got Kyra's at babies r us because Jeremy thought Kyra needed the PINK one. I didn't care too much which color she got because no matter what, if I have my way she'll be strapped into that bad boy until she gets her driver's license!

  5. haha! i agree!! thanks!! :)

    hope y'all are doing good ! Linsy