Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where Did the Goldfish Come From?

Tonight, Kyra God Blessed Hachel, Becca, Mr. Sean and Mrs. Jel, and Baya and Mrs. Candice and Mr. Chris and Cai'wee, Eric and Mrs. Meagan and the other Megan and Andy and Mouse and Froggy and Mama and Daddy and Lydia and ME! Oh. And Goldfish.

I think she covered just about everyone.

Does anyone know "Goldfish"? Mouse and Froggy frequent this house often as imaginary play pals for Kyra. This "Goldfish" has never been around before. I'm just wondering if I'll be setting a place for him/her at supper too or is there a real "Goldfish" in the physical form she might be referring.


  1. hmm, i have two gold-colored angelfish ... but they've been around for a year and she hadn't mentioned them before now. my best guess would be that you've got another place-setting to put out now. :-)

  2. Goldfish is her new nickname for that ghost that followed you to your new house.

  3. That damned ghost had better not have followed us. I sprinkled salt around this house... isn't salt supposed to ward of something? Ghosts, hopefully!