Thursday, March 26, 2009

Genius vs. Typical

Somehow I have managed to teach Kyra to take herself into a public restroom and accomplish her potty duties all by herself. She goes in, does her business, comes out and asks for hand sanitiser. Now Jeremy has NO excuse not to take her to the potty. His previous excuse: she's too old to go into the men's restrooms anymore. To which I completely agreed. Thus the training.

I have also started implementing the task of having her put away her own folded laundry. Now I'm only in charge of putting Lydia's and my own laundry away. YEA!

During my obsessive research on homeschooling this week, I've come across this website. As it turns out, Kyra is 90-95% through the Pre-K curriculum and 30% through the Kindergarten. I shit you not. Either this curriculum sets the bar pretty low or I've completely underestimated how smart my kid really is, and I'm not sure which one is worse- underestimating my own kid or World Book underestimating that a typical kid won't reach these standards until the 4th and 5th year of life.

Now it's question time for you... How old do you remember being before you accomplished these tasks? I'm just wondering if I should stop selling Kyra short because she's a bonafide genius or if she truly is the the TYPICAL 3.5 year old.


  1. i don't remember them about myself, but Rachel qualifies for most of the preschool list also. heck, there's 4-5 things on there that Becca is learning, lol. maybe my girls are genius-by-association with Kyra? :-)

  2. Hmm, sorry, I have no idea what I was doing at age 3.5. Probably quantum physics and rocket science. And my ABC's.

  3. Hey! I was doing quantum physics right after our ABC lessons too! Though we didn't have a program for rocket science... I might have been fond of that class at the tender age of 3.5!

  4. She goes in alone to the bathroom? Or goes into the stall alone? Either way- impressed.

  5. Into the bathroom ALONE. As in, Jer can send her in by herself and then stand outside the Ladie's room and wait for her.