Monday, April 05, 2010

"Because It Was Comfortable," She Says

I know Krya is really excited about horses and all things that have to do with horses, but of all the places to fall asleep... 
In front of your make shift horse corral and under your SOFT, COZY BED (and not to forget warm, as there is the cord to the mattress heater)......
I mean, I thought we already had the talk this time last year about how she doesn't enjoy sleeping on the floor, especially without a pillow and blanket-- and here she is.  Maybe it was the appeal of being under her bed?


  1. I remember wanting to sleep on the floor as a kid. We would make "tents" out of sheets and "camp out" in the living room too.

  2. We did that as kids too... but we slept in sleeping bags and with our pillows and dolls. I just can't get over that she didn't bring any comfort items with her- LoL! Did you bring anything on the floor with you at that age?

  3. I spent two weeks sleeping under my bed when I was eight, just to say that I could fit under my bed and sleep there. It wasn't very much fun, but I stuck it out. Of course, I had my blanket and my pillow with me.