Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahh, Yes, We Are At the End

Part 3:  Where did those straws go?

New appointment comes.  Kyra is diagnosed with Croup (Awesome!) and Lydia is confirmed to have just your every day cold.  Doc is happy to see Lydia's bouts of vomiting have stopped completely but wasn't that excited to hear the outcome of the Lactose Free milk.  And then he starts to ask about her poop. 

No, I'm not going to describe it for you.  

Your welcome.

Did you know that when a baby's poop resembles tar, it's not a good thing?  At least not after the baby surpasses 2 weeks of age?  No?  Jer and I had no clue either. 

This new find landed Lydia one prick in her to for a blood draw to test her hemoglobin.  Low end of normal, the doctor says, Nothing concerning.

And after the torture session for Lydia, he begins telling us how we get to torture OURSELVES.  Lovely.

For three days we get to fill 7 viles with Lydia's poo and take them to the local hospital so they can, essentially, test for worms or parasites in her abdomen.  And in true fashion of being the wonderful and fantastic wife that I am, I guilt trip Jeremy into taking the samples (because, we all know how he doesn't get to do nearly as many "special" things with his girls... poop collecting is a bonding experience, don't ya know?) and I will be the one to drop them off.  Sounds fair, right? 

Test results came back last Friday.  Negative.  All 7 viles of poo-- NEG A TIVE. 

We are to keep Lydia on Zantac twice a day for two months and start introducing the FORBIDDEN FOODS.  Which roughly translates to... they still don't know what the fuck is wrong with my baby but we're gonna keep introducing those foods and watch her scream and cry ever couple of months because the docs are collectively scratching their heads while grasping straws to figure out where we might go from here.

To top all that off, Friday Kyra was in the ER because she woke up 10 MINUTES BEFORE her pediatrician's office closed for the weekend screaming hysterically that her hear hurts.  Her Croup has lead to a double ear infection.  At the advice of the ER, I call Lydia's pedi Saturday morning to get her ears check out, too.  Left ear is infected. 

The amount of medicine my children are on is astonishing.  Kyra: Motrin (for pain), Mucinex (to dry up her sinuses at night), Robitussin (during day) and Ammoxicillin (3x/day).  Lydia: Infant Tylenol (for pain), Benadryl (to dry up her sinuses) (which also made her take 3 naps a day) (ahhh, the peace!), Ammoxicillin, (3x/day), and Zantac (2x/day).  I'm dispensing medicines almost every 2 hours.  I HATE giving my kids medicine.  I'm the type of mom who generally tells Kyra to "Suck it up!" unless she's in real need.

And this is where I tell you that you have just over a month (you know, when we start "testing" foods again) before I start complaining that my kid is wickedly rotten and is it legal to trade her in for a new house plant.  BECAUSE HOUSE PLANTS DON'T CONTINUOUSLY CRY AND MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY.

So there you have it.  The reason I haven't been blogging very well for these last few months.  I have nothing better to say other then MY CHILDREN ARE SICK AGAIN AND LYDIA WON'T STOP CRYING AND I THINK THEY BOTH HATE ME!!!!

Aren't you glad I sat silent, now?


  1. aww, wish i could be there to give you a big hug! love ya!!!

  2. Thanks, Joelle. Even from afar, I can feel your love. Can't wait to see you in a few months!