Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's Continue Our Three Part Series On How We Can't Seem to Get Well, Shall We?

Part 2: Is That Angel's Singing?

So that doctor's appointment was on a Wednesday. We came home and that night gave Lydia her first dose of Zantac. Thursday morning, her second dose of Zantac and then we started her on Lactose free milk and waited for the worst; the diaper rashes, bloated stomach and over all scream fest that was to come. And guess what.... NOTHING HAPPENED! I had my first full day of a FUCKING HAPPY CHILD. A gift from God that hasn't graced my presence in a LONG FUCKING WHILE. She was so happy, in fact, that even Jeremy came home and said "I didn't realize how cranky she was until I saw how happy she can be."

It was at this point we realized we were a couple of fucking horrible parents for not having the slightest clue at what kind of pain our sweet, dear baby was feeling.

Friday brought more of the sweet sunshine and bluebirds singing.

The icing on the cake.... LYDIA SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Much like her happy mood, this was something she just didn't do. She is never happy, she never sleeps through the night. For two GLORIOUS days and nights, I not only had a wonderfully happy child but I had a happy child WHO SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT.

And then Saturday came. More happy baby. Mostly. But then that whole sleeping through the night was just too much to hope for in night 3. And then we went down hill from there.

By Monday Lydia was back to business as usual with the Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde behavior and those two glorious sleep through the nights we experienced, were not to be repeated. And the rashes that we feared-- totally came a calling. We switched her back to the blessed Almond milk and waited out the rash. It took 2 days, but by Wednesday (one week after the initial doctor's visit) we were back on track again.

Minus the whole sleeping through the night. Mostly because Lydia hates us, I'm sure.

But she was HAPPY! and CHEERFUL! and remains that way to this day which only leads to more of the HOLY CRAP HOW DID WE NOT NOTICE HER BITCHINESS WAS CAUSED BY PAIN? We are such. crappy. parents.

On the up side we've now made it 2 whole weeks without a single episode of vomiting.

On the down side, we wake up this past Monday with both girls hacking up their lungs and neon yellow snot is a constant dribble out of their noses.  Except that Krya's hacking sounds more like a seal barking and Lydia's dribble is more like a waterfall.

Excellent! There goes Lydia's good mood.

Lydia already has a pre-existing check up for her tummy woes so we schedule Kyra an appointment directly after Lydie's. 

***to be continued...***

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