Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The List

Last night I made and chopped all the fixings  for chicken tacos.  Everything was set... except our cheese was moldy.  Tacos around our house are not tacos unless there is half a pound of cheese piled on top.   I packed away all the fixings, shifted gears and made BLT's instead.  Quick fix.

Today I headed to town for the girls Doctor's appointment to recheck their ears. (all was well) While I was in town I figured I'd stop by the grocery store to pick up a small list of things I needed from the grocery store which included 2 types of mayonnaise (one super special/dairy free/soy free/slightly difficult to find unless you're at the right store for Lydia and plain old mayo for the rest of the family) and taco cheese for supper's re-do tonight. 

I found the mayonnaise-- along with 50 dollars worth of other groceries.  What I did not bring home.... taco cheese. 

Now, at least the things I brought home were all things Lydia could eat, I think.  The store was selling most of their Kosher/Passover stuff for 35-75 cents.  This included boxes of cereal, marshmallows and two types of pudding Lydia should be able to have.  I figured, hey, so long as I'm testing her on food-- at least I'm not spending an arm and a leg doing it!  But of course I didn't find that until AFTER I stocked the cart with tasty treats for the girls which came from the UBER expensive UBER healthy section of the store.  Again, things I think Lydia can have based on reading the ingredients, but you know, we're still grasping at straws here. 

3 things on my list,  24 things brought home.  Some how I think I need to stick to The List a little better.

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