Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This is What You Get When

... You let your 4 year old dress herself:
Yes, folks.  Purple sweat pants, cream colored "big sister" shirt, maroon scarf (that Jennifer crocheted for me when Jer and I lived in the Arctic Tundra 5 year ago) (thanks, Jen!  Still getting good use out of it!) and a blue hat. 
The only thing that really matched were her hat and her earrings.
And upon viewing the pictures, she decided a change of earrings were appropriate:
And now, without the hat, NOTHING matches.  Good thing we're staying home this afternoon.

This is what you get when your child stuffs her face full of spaghetti:
And figures out how fun it is to slurp it into your pie hole:
But, you know what?  Even while slurping her spaghetti and double fisting her pancakes:
She has still started to loose her baby fat.  Which makes me a little sad.
Her arms and legs are slowly turning into twigs.  At least she still has her buddah belly and baby boobs. Lets face it, the only time it's ever cute to have this combination of features is if you are either a troll doll or under the age of 3.  Past that... it just starts to look a little funny.

This is what you get when you write a post about how your littlest one is a holy, hateful terror to her big sister.
Children have a natural knack for making liars out of their parents.  And this week she's done just that.
Lydia has embraced having an older sister to pal around with... and Kyra is absolutely loving it.

This is what you get when you avoid cleaning the house in lieu of taking pictures of your kids playing.  Life just doesn't get any better than this.


  1. they are so big! and so freaking cute and I totally agree about baby fat it is the only time in your life you can pull off a bikini with fat rolls every where and everyone thinks it's the cutest thing they have ever seen!

  2. if only Lydia would try to disprove your "she won't go to anyone but mommy" comments, eh? lol ... they are adorable!! miss you all!