Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Child, His Child

Krya:  Daddy, can we watch something else?
Jeremy:  No, we're watching the Super Bowl.
Kyra:  Ya, but this is boring.
Me:  Kyra, Ghost Hunters is on...
Kyra: Ya!  Lets watch that!
Me:  Okay, up to Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Kyra:  **skips off merrily**
Me:  Kyra's right, football is boring.
Lydia:  **Whine whine whine, fuss fuss fuss, whine whine whine**
Jeremy:  Lydia!  Wanna watch football with Daddy?
Lydia: **walks recklessly over to Jer**
Jeremy:  That's my girl!
Lydia:  **laughs every time someone gets tackled**

Krya's predicted it from the very beginning, she is Mommy's child, Lydia is Daddy's child.  When it comes to football, there is doubt about it.


  1. LOL ... i love it!

  2. Every daddy needs someone to watch football with. However in our house, mommy watches with daddy so I guess the girls will learn to like it or have to watch tv by themselves during the fall.