Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I Could Have Said

And that right there, for more then the last week and a half, is what it looks like when I have nothing of value to say. 

I mean, I could have complained about how we had 2 flu viruses and 1 cold virus fly through my house in the last 3 weeks.

Or I could tell you how sleeping in Lydia's floor, while she's suffering from such a cold that leaves her with a difficult time breathing and sleeping at the same time, just so I can sit up ever half hour to rub her back and shush her back to sleep is not what I consider to be the best night's sleep I've ever had.

I could also tell you how Jer and I got a Wii Fit for each other for Valentines day and while it said I needed to loose 15 pounds, it also said my Wii Fit age was three years younger then I actually  am.  Jer and Kyra, on the other hand, share a Wii Fit age ten years older then I am.  Which is also 10 years older then Jer's actual age.  I can't decide if I love the Wii Fit for telling me I'm still a spring chicken or if I hate it because it's telling me I'm a pudgy spring chicken.  Hmm.

I could tell you about how I've really buckled down these last couple of weeks to work on Kyra's numbers and phonics as part of our homeschooling efforts.  She is starting to get the hang of counting 0-30, but she continually skips 14 and 21.  It's almost like she's revolting against multiples of 7.  And her phonics... oy!  Two weeks ago she knew all her letter sounds sans getting U, V and W mixed up.  As of yesterday, U, V, and W still allude her.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to get her to grasp these couple of numbers and letters.

But who wants to hear me moan and groan about all of that?  Instead I'll tell you about some of the good things...

Like how Kyra thinks that she's "the champion" when ice skating because she can skate really fast.  And by "really fast" I mean the child can whoop my ass in a speed race on the ice.  In doing so, she's now deemed herself as "the champion of ice skating."  Modesty is not in her nature.

On another positive note, BJ's carries hot dogs that doesn't have cornstarch and other contaminants Lydia can't have.  Today she DEVOURED her first hot dog.  You'd think we starved her for three days strait before putting this glorious food on her plate today.  Also, in the new foods department, Jeremy found a specific brand of bread that is made locally with all natural, no filler, no crap, NO BUTTER, SOY, CORN filled bread that Lydia can eat.  She now thoroughly enjoys peanut butter sandwiches.

There.  It's always good to end on a high note, isn't it?


  1. 1) aren't chickens supposed to be plump? i thought it was the fat that gave meat more flavoring? :-)

    2) Lydia must be deprived to get so excited over a hot dog! i mean, you must be starving her ... the proof of that is in her cheeks, eh? lol

    glad you're back to your blog ... i've been missing you even more than usual this week!

  2. I agree with Joelle, Chickens are totally supposed to be plump and juicy not, not old and crusty (sorry Jer)

    The Phonics and numberes thing is totally normal! Izzy ca count one to thirty, or if I really tell it right 1-7 9-7 19-27 29-30 you get the picture if it has anything to do with 8 it gets left out! I asked and consulted some of old books about such things and it is normal! She will pick it up and then decide to forget other numbers!

    Anyhow glad everyone is feeling better!

  3. So what you're telling me is I'm supposed to be a plump chicken? What if I don't wan to be someone's dinner, shouldn't I slim up just a bit to look a little less attractive to Hannibal Lecter? Thanks for the encouragement, though!