Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Not Allergies. No Celiac Disease. No Clue. Not Fun.

Lydia has now been tested for allergies twice.  Or would you call it three times? One prick test in the back, two sets of blood draws several months apart.


Lydia has now been tested for Celiac Disease. 


One of the pediatricians Lydia has seen has viewed the damage done by the wrong foods and whole heartedly BELIEVED something was not right.

One of the pediatricians Lydia has seen tells me in not so many words, "Oh, its NOTHING.  Lots of kids grow out of this kind of thing. Quit acting like a CRAZY WOMAN and leave the diagnosing to us."

The allergist KNOWS something is wrong.  She also knows whatever it is, it's not allergies.

The pediatric gastroenterologist told me Lydia LOOKED just fine and "What, exactly, was I bringing her in for?  What you are describing is allergies."  Though, not exactly in that wording.

The gastro's medical student who took all the notes of the history I gave her, told me that in order to find out EXACTLY what foods are bothering Lydia we should only introduce ONE new food to her for 5 days to find out what she's having reactions.  UM..... BEEN THERE DONE THAT, SHERLOCK!  Thanks for the advice you'd give a first time mother of a 4 month old!

Lydia's NOT AN ALLERGY YET STILL HAS ALL THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF AN ALLERGY count is now up to 6 (and/or 7): Dairy. Soy. Probiotics (really, who in the WORLD has issues with healthy bacteria?). Corn. Poultry. Sunflower and/or Saffron.

I refuse to try her on cow's milk and soy milk thanks to the problems we've had on formula.  Goats milk (also) eats her ass alive leaving deep, open bloody sores on her fire red and hot to the touch bottom.  And, apparently, so does rice milk- thanks to what we think is due to the sunflower/safflower oil added into the milk.

There are SEVERAL things she can't have which contain very few ingredients, yet, the common factor is the ingredient sunflower and/or safflower oil.  Seriously?  PICK ONE.  Your indecision to narrow down this simple choice is leaving me in total and utter confusion!

Once Lydia's tiny hiney heals from this weeks latest rounds of tests with the rice milk, we're going to try her on almond milk.  And if that doesn't work, I saw some hemp milk at the health food store (I'm not exactly sure how they're making both milk and t-shirts out of the same plant, but, uh, whatever).  And if that doesn't work... I think she's going to stay on Alimentum for the rest of her life, which has now gone up in price to over 27 dollars for a 16oz can. I wonder what it's going to cost us when she's 5....

Little Girl better get a job ASAP.

Thank you, Similac, for sustaining my daughter all these months of her first year, but, really, you suck.

SO!  For all of you out there who were sitting on the edge of your seats waiting on a new report on Lyida's dietary issues.... There you have it.

Any advice, websites, a correct diagnosis or referrals to a pediatric gastro doctor who is NOT an idiot- would greatly appreciated.


  1. Could you forego milks of any type entirely? Just feed her cereals, bananas, fruits and vegetables? And have you tried organic milks instead of regulars? Or find something specifically meant to counteract the diahrea? It might be something in the processing instead of the milk itself.

  2. She can have most fruits and veggies- seems the main exception is corn. We try to do ONLY natural organic for Lydia given all the problems we've had- so I'm not too worried about any processed ingredients. At the rate we're going, I don't know if she will be on any kind of milk and given what the pedi's have said "it's okay for her to stay on formula for longer then her 1st birthday to supplement for the nutrients she'll lack." Which leads me back to, uhhhhh... have they SEEN the price of formula lately?

    Keep thinking! Maybe as a group we'll come up with SOMETHING! haha!

  3. Oh, and most "cereals" like you and I eat she can't have because they contain dairy, soy and corn products. Oatmeal and cream of wheat are two hot cereals we frequently give her.

  4. My mom said maybe stop trying to outwit the food allergy and outwit the diahrea instead. Is there a baby diahrea medicine you could give her?

  5. I wish that were the case. Diarrhea is only the beginning, the first sign, if you will, that something is not right. If she's on the wrong foods for too long it leads to more problems. Blood in stool (caused by intestinal irritation, so I've been told), distended stomach (from what I guess to be either more irritation or gas build up), and spit up/vomiting. I'm sure all that adds to the cranky/colicky behavior that follows.

    Good thought though. If only Lydia were that simple. LoL!