Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow- It Brings Out the Sisterly Love

While Kyra shouted "MOMMY, LOOK! I'M A FARMER!"
(no, seriously, that's exactly what she said)

Lydia shouted over her shoulder, "Bitches, I ain't waiting for you to get your asses into gear. Get me to that snow and get me there NOW!"

While they were outside, Farmer Kyra first tried to bury Lydia in the snow, see all the snow on Lydia's legs? And when I told her she wasn't allowed to bury her sister in the snow, she picked up a snowball....

And THREW it in Lydia's face!

I'm not even sure if Lydia noticed.

Sisterly love.  Go figure.


  1. aww, they are too cute!

  2. hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha! ha!

    too cute! love the pictures!
    oh, and the farmer comment, plus the style of snow pants period, reminds me of this very large overalls i saw in wal-mart the other day, very farmer!

  3. First: wow, Lydia has quite an extensive vocabulary for an almost 1 year old!

    Second: Kyra is the cutest know farmer ever.

  4. G- You're laughing because poor Lydie Kate had a snow ball thrown at her, aren't you? That's just mean. **snickers** You should be ashamed.

    Lindsey- Lydia is very mature for her age. You'd be surprised at what she can say. That is, if you can translate her baby babble the way I can.

  5. yes, yes i am..and i know you were too when you were taking the picture. and it looks like she is too...almost an evil grin of 'oh, just wait till i get older there sis, i'll get you back in ways unimaginable! tehehehe'
    you've got the babble, i've got the facial expressions.