Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Queen of the Stink

I love to do laundry. And to vacuum my floors.

I like the smell of clean clothes and I truly enjoy walking on clean floors.

And while I've managed to stay on top of keeping my floors clean, I've avoided doing laundry for the last week. Avoided as in, YES!, I've had both the time and energy required to do five loads of laundry (at most, if I feel like sorting out all red clothing into their very own pile), but since Lydia has taken up the resident job of HUMAN TORNADO and anything that I fold must then be torn apart so she can shove it in her mouth for a taste testing effort....

The glory of doing laundry just hasn't been what it used to be for me.

At least not at this very moment in time.

However, tomorrow it is my sole goal for the day to conquer the laundry pile.

Mostly because I'm down to my last pair of underwear and my bras are all dirty and sports bras aren't really my thing but since I have no regular bras that's what I've been-a-sportin' but also in part because we are going out of town Friday and we are staying with friends and I think they might be a bit offended if we were all wearing dirty, wrinkled and smelly clothes when we showed up on their doorstep with a suitcase full of more dirty, wrinkled and smelly clothes to wear for the two days that we will be staying with them.

I'm only assuming this because I'd be offended if someone showed up on my doorstep who is perfectly capable of being clean and stink free and, yet, still smells like the inside of Jeremy's work boots.

So that's my mission tomorrow, to conquer the laundry pile. The last title I want to hold in life is Queen of the Stink but as of late, I think my family and I may soon be contenders if I don't kick myself into high gear.

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