Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kyra

Four. You've made it through yet another year.

You are still so sweet. So innocent. Always willing to share your toys, help pick up. You are there for everyone who might possible need your assistance. And you are there without anticipation of getting a single thing back in return.
You love to DO DO DO and GO GO GO. Your father has this thought that your energy comes directly from ours. The more tired we think you ought to be, the more you move, talk, yap and suck the life out of us.

You take swimming, ballet, gymnastics, western style horseback riding, ice skating and karate. And at least once a week you ask when does soccer start again, even though you didn't really care to participate in that activity past week 4 of 8. I think it has more to do with wanting to talk and chat with old friends on the side lines then to actually, you know, try to chase down a ball and kick it.

Still, you hold the title of the Easiest Child EV-ER.

I keep waiting for the difficult, testy, determined child to show through. While there is a glimpse of that on occasion, in no way would I use these words to describe who you are.

You are easy to please, easy to entertain, a go with the flow kind of girl. Your new stint as a cowgirl suits you to a T. Hard working. Easy living. Good food. Good friends. I swear, that is your life's motto. The way I see it, it's a fabulous motto to live with and live by.
Speaking of friends, you don't have a shy bone in your body. Every stranger you encounter WILL be your friend. No one is left out, whether they be child or elder. Your goal in life, it seems, is to be the town's Miss Congeniality. You are the one who everyone loves and the one who loves everyone. There is not a single prejudice or judgmental bone in your body. This world could use a few more Kyra's, so don't ever change. M'kay?

Just last week I took you to your first "home school class" at the local state park. You were the youngest one there but I don't think you even took notice. You impressed the teacher as well as the other mom's as they all commented on your lack of shyness. They claim this attribute will easily make you fit right in with not only the home school crowd but with every crowd.

They also commented on your manners- Ooooh! What manners you have! Most everything is Please and Thank You and should you ever mess up, you are the first to offer up an I'm Sorry! to go along with a hug and kiss. It's a rare day I have to remind you of such things.

Lack of shyness and good manners I already knew about you, but it was awfully nice to be noticed and commented on by a stranger.
Four. 4. Gracious, child. FOUR!

Some days I have to look at you and remind myself that you are 4.

You know all your alphabet as well as most of the sounds. You can also write most of your letters too, and not only write them, but make them legible to others besides myself. And though you could probably start learning to read at any time now, you have no interest. Absolutely none. You are just fine and happy with the rest of the world reading to you. And because you are F.O.U.R. I'm not going to push the issue.

You are smart as a whip. Sometimes this acute sense of self and surroundings comes in quite handy when I've, say, lost something. "OH, MOMMY! I THINK I SAW IT OVER THERE!" and sure enough, you were right. On the flip side of things, your pension for being a smarty pants can also get you into a bit of trouble thanks to the sassy side that likes to shine and SHINE BRIGHTLY some days. With a hand on your hip that's cocked to the side, we frequently hear you pipe up with "Well, Mommy, you SAID...." at which time you are quickly corrected with the right way to speak to a Mommy or Daddy- which is your way of recognizing any adult.Without hesitation you'll offer up an apology and melt our hearts into a puddle of mush because your apoligy is sincere. You are a pleaser, despirate to do the right thing and will sometimes fall into a pile of tears if things aren't going they way they ought to be due to your behavior or actions.
Kyra, you are a good kid. Really, though, you are a GREAT kid. If I could have pieced together the perfect child in my eyes, I would not have even come close to what you have become. You are amazing. You will continue to be amazing, of that I have no doubt.

Continue to amaze me kid. I love it. I love you.

Happy 4th Birthday, Kiddo.

Love you forever and ever,


  1. Happy Birthday, Kyra!

    Alicia, how are you holding up as the mother of a 4-year-old? it still makes me stop and think when someone asks Rachel how old she is and she proudly holds up all 4 fingers! yikes, next comes 5 and school and ... lets not think about all that now! lol ... enjoy year four!!