Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Feel'n the Love

This is what you get when, yesterday afternoon, BOTH girls decided to boycott their naps.

This is also what you get when, this afternoon, BOTH girls decide to take very long naps. At the same time, no less!

Besides, my brain is still a little squishy from the mental drain that was television last night.


  1. You have beautiful children! I can't believe how big Lydia is, and how long Kyra's hair is!! :) Miss y'all!


  2. you and jeremy should be soo proud of the two beautiful girls you have created

    i want to pinch lydias cheeks but will try and refrain

  3. aww, how sweet they are! i miss you all!!

  4. I am so used to having a "like" option from facebook that I actively search websites for one too. LOL. I love these pics!!

    Pic #3, with Lydia's adorable little puffs?? I want to eat her! Also, she looks like she's got teething rash! Yay for teeth! (if it's so!)

    Bottom pic of Kyra is just so beautiful.

  5. Ok also, blogger is gay. The last 2 pics are both linked to pic #3. Had no idea she was drooling up a river. Good lord. Sponge anyone? :D

  6. Holy crap I meant #4 in BOTH of my previous comments. Pretty soon blogger is going to block me for spammage. Sorries!!

  7. Erica- LoL! I had to do a double take on the "teething rash". That must have been totally due to the lighting, if you look at her dead on in the face this very moment, nothing. Not a hint of red. She is so paler then pale and pasty white that must have been her veins glowing through in the sunshine!

    And drool bucket! Yes! Pedi says she's still using the instinct to push everything out of her mouth except what's in the bottle. Seems that's the only time she swallows! I'm certain she can fill a gallon sized bucket in no time!

  8. who has the prettiest neices????

    I DO!

  9. It is sooo cute seeing Kyra playing with Lydia. My favorite is Kyra "Im pretending to be asleep" and Lydia looking at her like "you can't fool me". What a precious couple of girls you have there. And Kyra smiling saying "I know...look at me". Miss the little ladies.