Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dumber By the Minute

I am currently watching I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

I think my IQ might be dropping by the minute. Why can't there be anything better to watch on television tonight?

Though, now that I've channel surfed, CW's Ditched or Hitched isn't any better.


  1. Hehehehe. I missed it. Bummer.

  2. You couldn't pay me to watch "I'm a Celebrity..." but I did watch last week's episode of "Hitched or Ditched". Jody says he wants to go on that show so that he can ditch me.

  3. I watched Hitched or Ditched last night too. They hipe it up so much you can almost predict the outcome. There truely was nothing worth while on tv last night, but I needed something to keep me from doing more laundry.

  4. Lisa- you bitch, it's because you told me it was stupidly funny that I watched it last night. And then you skipped it? You totally duped me!

    Lindsey- Jody wants to ditch you on national television? Boy isn't he a catch! Where do I get me a guy like that? Oh, wait a minute, I bet Jer would probably say the same thing if we weren't already hitched.

    Huss- Didn't they invent television so we housewives would just stop doing chores all together? Or was it they invented soaps and reality for that purpose?

  5. Are you kidding...soaps mimic reality which is suppose to mimic real life. Do you EVER see anyone doing such mundane things as laundry or dusting??? Actually though, soaps were invented to air laundry soap commercials since houswives usually did do the laundry in the middle of the afternoon (just a little bit of trivia in case you are ever asked).