Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Crazy Few Days

It's been a crazy few days, between the Cry It Out nights, the do I or don't I Facebook, and then to top it all off, the ever bitter but still loved Nanny has been teetering between life and death since Friday and, yesterday, finally succumb to death.

To start things off, the whole Cry It Out has been going quite well! Day 2 she cried for a half hour solid and then the next half bitched for a few seconds before loudly sucking her thumb before she fell back asleep. Day 3 she cried for 15 minutes before the bitching and sucking that lasted another 15 minutes. Day 4 she slept through the night. Yea! And day 5, last night, another 15 minutes of crying 10 minutes of bitching/sucking. So, it's going well! I'm pleased and am hoping that by this time next week we'll have fully accomplished sleeping through the night EVERY night.

Next, boy oh boy are there some serious Facebook users out there! I never knew it had such a cult like following. And the farming game? I've read about it numerous times over at Chic with Sticks, but good golly, are you guys a dedicated following. I'm still a little up in the air about jumping in that barrel of fun, mostly because of the days I've had as of late, but man, you guys are convincing.

And finally, Nanny. I wrote about her once here. (click on the word "here," I know it's not highlighted, but I can't figure out how to do so) Anyway, she suffered from COPD and has finally left us for a better life in Heaven. I've been back and forth about whether or not I should go down there to say my goodbye's and I totally set myself up for being stuck here without realizing it.

Friday night, before I knew what was going on, I transferred nearly all of our money out of the checking account and into various other accounts, a transaction that I knew wouldn't go through and be available until Tuesday morning. I do such things so we don't spend excess money over the days Jer is off. So, basically while we have money, we were essentially broke until today.

Then there is the question of flying or driving. Flying would take 5 hours of my day and cost an ass load of money because it's so short notice. Driving would take 2 days and cost me my sanity. And either option, I'd be doing it alone with both the girls in tow.

I learned my lesson driving to the Land of the Country Bumpkin with Jeremy's help. I would rather fly.

BUT! I have this Gogo Kidz Travelmate that I use with Kyra when flying. (by the way, HIGHLY recommend anyone coughing up the money for one of these things. TOTALLY worth it's weight in gold.) The thing is, I only have one. If I fly I will need a rental car, thus I will also need car seats and while rental companies have them available, I don't trust a car seat that I did not buy and assemble in my own home. So. I would need another one of the Gogo attachments. They're sold in Babies R Us stores but when we called to make sure they have them in OUR store, um, they don't.

So. Can't fly. Won't drive. Will have to say our good bye's from our bedside as we pray. Hopefully she'll hear us.

Now. To end this, we have 9 pounds of strawberries sitting on my table. We had plans of making jam out of them with my mother's recipe, but my mother is dealing with funeral arrangements at the moment.... so... um.... so any of you have a good recipe to share? What about your mother or grandmother? Come, on! Doesn't anyone in your family make homemade jams?


  1. So sorry to hear about your Nanny.

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  2. This the Nanny that lives in Removed incase some weird stalkers are viewing- but the Nanny you visit on the tons of acres. You can always check in one of the carseats and carry the other kid in the Becco. Just a thought.

    So sorry about your Nanny. No idea how to make Jams unless it involves a trip to Publix to pick up Smuckers. :) And Yay for CIO progress. You're better than me- I still don't let K cry it out.- or for longer than 5 minutes anyhow.

  3. Lisa- this lady isn't really related to me. I've just known her FOREVER and EVER that she might as well be.

    And, no, I'm not checking any car seats. Did that once and it took an hour before they found Kyra's Britax (which is not a small carseat by any means and just how could you possible misplace it?) and refuse to ever check one again.

    Smuckers? Not exactly what I was going for, but thanks for that! LoL!

  4. Oh, and the CIO. I go in to rub her back every 5 minutes until the bitching/thumb sucking starts. That's when she's trying to soothe herself and I'm not going to interrupt that! Faster she learns, better for me!