Friday, April 20, 2007

Old & Hateful

This is what I do not want to happen to me as I age. I don't want the title of old and hateful. I want to be kind and appreciative.

Nanny is old and hateful. (and before you say something, the description "old and hateful" was termed by her sister... I just happen to agree) She wants her needs met and tended to now and by God if they aren't she'll shoot you a glare so mean you'd think lasers were going to pop right out and do you in.

I've decided that my calling is not in the home health department. I've taken care of Nanny for this last week and I think I might just pull my hand right back and slap her. Sounds horrible, I know. Yesterday was the worst. Death rays shooting from her eyes at every turn. Snide remarks made under her breath, too quiet for me to decipher.

Granted she's lived a hard life and crap crap crap, but regardless, there is no reason to be hateful to those trying to keep you alive!

She hollers so and so, do this. So and so, get me this. So and so, kiss my tail. Her sister yesterday corrected her by telling her she needs to start saying please and asking nicely other then ordering people around. This was remarked by, "she (speaking of me) knows I appreciate it and I'm mean please." Um, no ma'am, I heard the tune from Cinderella with all that bellowing you've been doing.

Now, Nanny wants cigarettes. She's on oxygen 24/7 with COPD... and she wants a cigarette. Mind you, she hasn't had one since I found her in a coma three weeks ago, but now that she's feeling better she'd like her sticks of death back. I told her if she started smoking again to go ahead and kill herself, I wasn't going to argue with her. Boy was she surprised and angered by this. As it is, a pack of cigarettes have turned up missing from a visitor's purse. Within and hour of them coming up missing she's started with the "I don't want to smoke, but I can't promise anyone that I won't." On top of that, when my mom cleaned her room while she was in the hospital, she found stashes of them hidden everywhere around her room. I am quite certain I know who took them.

I don't know how people do it, take care of the elderly. My grandmother works in an old folk's home (not p/c, I know, get over it) and she has for many, many years now. And she seems quite at home working with even the bitterest of them, with all the patience and demure you would expect. Sure, there are some old people who are the characteristically nice, sweet people you tend to think of, and then there are those like Nanny, whom I love dearly, but I'd like to knock some politeness and sense right into their head.

Dear God,
I would greatly appreciate it if you would not let me become old and bitter. I enjoy my life and surrounds, and should that change, I'd like it greatly if you'd send a rock in my direction to peg me right in the head and knock some common sense into me.
Much love,


  1. Your nanny must be related to my stepfather. He's not that mean all the time, but when he is, I have to fight the urge to smack him. He likes things done his way, and right away.

    How funny is it that she is hiding cigarettes!! Do you think she'll actually live longer if you take them away at this point?

  2. I don't take them away from her, but I most certainly don't approve of them. And I may be silly, but I'd like to think that for every 1 she doesn't smoke, that's one more day we'll have her to scowl at us.

  3. I know it is hard Alicia, I did it for FIVE years while I was in high school.....and lets just say I give you kudos for not slapping her upside the head. Many times I gave my uncle a little pop on the hand because he was being rude. When she is gone you will treasure this time you spent with her but I don't see anything wrong with ignoring her until she starts being nice.....older people are just like children....when they realize they need you....they will be nice. Have fun! Oh and I love your little pray! I may start saying that at night with my other ones!

  4. i don't think i see you becoming old and hateful, at least not to the person's face ... behind their back maybe, but not to their faces. and i'll be right there with you. lol

  5. Mrs. Devoe- My question to you is why did it take you 5 years to get through high school?
    I'm glad you liked my prayer... I used to pray for patience with Jer, Kyra and the stress of deployment, then I didn't need it when I got down here... now I need to start praying for that patience again!

    Joelle- Did I ever mention how much I love you? You know just what to say to make me feel better and laugh out loud at the same time! I'm glad you'll be right there with me! Its always great to know I've got a friend to grow old and not so bitter with.

  6. you are funny....i am not nearly as smart as your sister....that is why it took me five years! I am really surprised it didn't with all the stuff I had to do for my uncle! What day are you guys leaving for the graduation?!?!

  7. Ahahaha! I had the same thought when I read CJ's first comment. I'm glad you pointed that out, Alicia.

  8. My Grandma is 89.....she is totally with it, drives, is in great health.....I am VERY fortunate there. My MOM is the one who can be a horse's behind! She smoked too (55+years) till her COPD diagnosis last summer. Scared the hell out of her! She quit cold turkey! Just sorry that's what it took. God bless you for helping her out, and I'm sure you'll agree with me, little people are easier.
    Tina will write you next week....we did a fly/road trip to Pittsburgh and New York this past weekend, and she stayed up there for this week to get asome things taken care of. Glad you touched base with her. She enjoyed it.
    Hang in there, fight the good fight, and I loved Kyra's video singing! My little guy is a Clifford freak, sings the Clifford song all the time. He's SO COOL!!