Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can't Talk...

It stopped raining Sunday and the sun started to shine on Monday. Do you get that? It has been BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL for a record 4 days! That's the better part of a WEEK! And we have been outside EVERY SINGLE DAY. And there has been LITTLE TO NO TELEVISION viewed. And I'm only on the computer long enough to HARVEST MY CROPS. And thus have totally blew the whole I'LL SHOW YOU MY REAL LIFE CROPS because I'm too busy weeding them versus talking about them.

Not to mention Jer has come down with the FLU and is currently on his DEATH BED. Though, he seems to somehow still be alive. He was actually AWAKE and INTERACTING with us for the better part of today. Progress, no?

AND! Just to let you all know, the whole cry it out thing with Lydia has taken an unexpected turn. While she "sleeps through the night" now, with no problems, she also now sees the hours of 5 and 6 in the morning to be her waking hours. Most of the time I can give her a bottle and change her butt simultaneously while she's still lying in her crib. And when she's finished eating I snatch the bottle and dirty diaper and run like mad out of her room hoping she doesn't notice. She plays for for a bit and usually, but not always, goes back to sleep after some time. Though that leaves me wide awake in the process.

Kyra's new thing to learn is how to stay her little ass in bed when she gets up in the morning and to quit waking up the entire house. We'll see how that goes.

Until then, here's a picture of one of the green pepper plants:

I even went out IN THE RAIN to get this picture last Friday. Just for YOU. I had the best of intentions, things just went south with Kyra for a few days before the sun made every thing better. And now it's going to start raining again for another week. That guarantees I'll be back to my old, yakking about nothing important, self.

Don't get too excited, now.

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  1. What a lovely pepper! I hope you have more than one growing out there.