Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Questions, 5 Answers

Today we're playing 5 Questions with Erica of The Four Apostles.

1). You find out you've just won an award for "Most Dramatic Actress" (yay you!). What was the movie and what was your role?

It would certainly be for my portrayal of MOMMY IS PSYCHO WHEN SHE DOESN'T GET HER 8 HOURS OF SLEEP. That's right, 8. Jer? The navy has done a WONDERFUL job at teaching him that he can survive and help pull a family back together on a mere 3 hours of rest. Me? I need 8 or else the drama will be fierce. And not to mention I'd be completely useless.

2). How do you really envision a battle between Superman and Batman going down?

Um, wow, that's a hard one. I'm envisioning this to be a battle of Who's the Better Dresser? Being that Superman wears his underwear on the outside of his tights, um, I'd have to go with Batman wins. I mean, he has the big muscle-y protective contraption strapped around his chest and a butler. There's nothing more fashionable then fake muscles and your very own butler.

3). If I was to say, "Alicia at age 15", what would you say to that?

Wouldn't do it again in a million years. Even if you paid me a ba-jillion dollars. I choose to forget as much as possible between the ages of 13-19. Those years, well, they sucked. And not JUST because I was a dramatic teenager. They sucked that bad.

4). It's the Big Dance and your hairspray isn't your regular hairspray at all, but instead your bitchy, self absorbed neighbour girl has swapped it out with sparkly mousse! What EVER do you do?!

I'd wear that sparkly mousse with such style and class I'd make ALL the bitches wanna be me! Or I'd beat the crap out of that delicate flower of a neighbor girl and take my hair spray back. Depends on what mood I'm in at the time, I guess.

5). What is your favourite jungle animal?

Hippos. Think about it. They get to lounge in the water ALL. DAY. Ah. Makes me jealous. How'd they get so damn lucky in the lounging around department?


Tomorrow we'll take a look at my real life garden, per Chick With Sticks request. She is, apparenly, shocked that I'd cheat on FarmTown with my own, non virtual, garden.

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