Wednesday, July 08, 2009


It gets in the way of blogging some times.

Sunshine and reasonable temperatures drag us outside. Though the scattered showers pop on through every day.

Husband had his first day back to work in what seemed like ages on the 4th. There is nothing more distracting in life then having Jeremy home. He's like this planet for which our entire family orbits around when he's here. We follow him from room to room, each seeking our own attention. Guess that's what happens when he's not always home. Though, this "vacation" was brought on by sickness. A sickness where he was actually sick, but, yet, I couldn't stop poking fun and mocking his patheticness all over the house. Some days it's the only way to get my jollies.

School. A few posts ago, I mentioned picking up some school books for Kyra at Target. Well, the next day, we started home schooling. Kyra was and still is beyond thrilled to start school every day. We started out working for only 15 to 20 minutes at a time. But as the days wear on, Kyra shouts MORE! MORE! because she wants to do another page of this or start on that book. I never knew school could be so fun. I hated my school days, but maybe, Kyra will have a much brighter outlook on school then I did.

Lydia. She's now crawling. Like, on all fours all the time. Each day getting faster and faster. And not only is she crawling, she can now sit for a time on her own. She's trying desperately to put herself in that position but isn't quite there yes. She's also eating solid foods, now. We had to start giving her actual pieces of sliced peaches, whole strawberries and bites of banana to get her to this point. We went with the whole, if it's in her hand she'll stick it in her mouth, technique. Before then she refused to eat anything that didn't come through a bottle. It's worked wonderfully!

And, lastly, Lydie Kate turned 6 months last week and I think I nearly lost it. How can it be 6 months already? I remember when Kyra turned 6 months it seemed like an eternity had passed by. For Lydia? I can still recount the vivid details of her day to day existence, like it all just happened last week.

Life. It's busy even when it's slow.


  1. My Kira loves the home schooling as well, it's really awesome to see her get all bright eyed about it.

    "Are we doing schoolwork now??" she asks and just GLOWS when I say yes. So far she hates colouring pictures but LOVES the scissors and loves to snip things, loves to paste things, etc.

    6 months, wtf. My baby is almost 9 months. WTF seriously. Few more months and she'll be 1. I have to go cry for a bit now. :(

  2. the months go by much faster when they involve moving to a new state and getting settled all over again! i still can't believe Jacob is almost 3 months!!

    i miss you all and am looking forward to your possible visit this fall!

  3. Crawling and solids! Way to go!

    Time flies when you're having fun!