Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yep, They're Certainly Abused

My original plan for a post today, before I was so rudely interrupted by the comments I found this morning, was going to be two photos of the girls I took recently that I just couldn't get enough of.

Clearly Lydia is so abused that even the ducks at the park are going to protect her.

Or use her chubby cheeks as food for all those babies. 13 babies at one time! I'm not sure how that Mama duck and her companion handles them all.

This was taken of Krya last week. Jer and I couldn't get enough of the "balls" on her head. She wanted braids but she wouldn't sit still for them, so I gave her two buns. (ABUSE! This woman ABUSES her child! CALL THE POLICE!!!) (Clearly I'm WAY too nonchalant about this whole thing. Anyhow...) She's decided that their rightful name is "balls" and she's not about to waver from that fact.
But her pose, oh her pose! I had to ask her to stop talking on the phone and stand still for me. She excused herself from her conversation with Mouse and Froggy to pose for the camera.


  1. Why don't all your pictures expand to full size?

    LOVE the "balls" She totally needs little chopsticks in them!

  2. Firstly: OMG YOU HAVE DUCKS!!!!!! I love ducks. I want ducks and I don't care how noisy they are.

    Secondly: Is that even Lydia or did you swap her for a bigger kid? Wow. Where's the time gone?

    Thirdly: Kyra's just gorgeous. Love the "balls"!!! But even more, I LOVE HER BOOTS!!!! She's the epitome of style, your kid.

    Even if she is abused. *eyeroll*

  3. Love the balls! I fix Aeralyn's hair like that all the time, per her request for "head balls". Gotta love it!