Thursday, April 02, 2009

Patience Brings Rewards

Because Kyra was such a wonderful little doll yesterday, today she and I had a special day planned. We packed up the rabid child who was foaming at the mouth (no, seriously, look closely) and drove around until she fell plum asleep. Then we hit the park to see the ducks. And pick up sticks. Apparently, according to Kyra, they're dangerous.
But that didn't stop her from pointing one at me after we arrived home and telling me that if I didn't rake the leaf covered lawn into great big fluffy piles for her to jump into...
We'd have some trouble ahead of us. So I did as I was told. I raked those left over leaves from this past fall into great big gigantic piles.
And she proceeded to destroy them.
She deserved every ounce of fun she had today. I have been so very proud of her patience and maturity since Lydia has been born. I'm sure it hasn't been an easy transition for her, but you'd never guess it by the way she acts.

Kyra even swept my heart away today at the supper table when she looked at me, face beaming, and said, "I had a fun day, Mommy. Thank you."



  1. You're a good mom, Alicia, and you do good work with photoshop too.

  2. picking up sticks...I think she has spent one too many days at granma's...haha...that is too funny!