Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Heavenly Angel, Devil Spawn

Ever had one of those days where you wanted to sell your smallest one to science so maybe they can figure out why in God's name she has to scream for such long periods of time for no apparent reason other then to drive you loony?

Ever had one of those days where your older child could very well have been mistakenly sent down from heaven because she is so perfect and angelic and you feel guilty for torturing such a beautiful thing by telling her, "Mommy can't right now, honey. I have to stop this devil spawn from driving us all mad." and she not only accepts this statement but moves on with her daily life like any happy little darling angel would?

Ever had one of those days?

Now, if you all will excuse me for a moment while I put another wad of cash in Lydia's therapy jar.

1 comment:

  1. were they april-fooling you? look at the bright side, at least they weren't both screaming ... :-)