Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pregnant, Burning in Hell and Ice Skating. Not at the Same Time.

So I've had several requests to see a picture of me pregnant. How's this?
Not what you were hoping for? Just look at my round face. Now look at the picture in the top left there... see it? Similar pose with Kyra, again in black and white? Notice how much "fuller" my face appears to be? Now picture my mid region in a similar situation. There. That's it! Now you have a picture of me, pregnant. Happy?

So the other day at church Kyra watched me take the Eucharist and asked what I was eating. I told her it was the body of Christ. She proceeded to ask several more questions about when she can eat Christ too. I know, it just sounds so wrong to say it like that. Anyway, so after explaining to her that she has to be a bit older before she can partake in such actions she then turns to me in all sadness and seriousness and says she doesn't want to eat Christ because He's too spicy. Apparently she is her fathers child.... seems to think she's going to get burned with that first taste!
But, anyway, I caught her sleeping like this last night and decided He must be with her. Why else would she latch her feet between the bars, arms stretched to each side, held down by Tinkerbell, who is clapping her hands say "Come on! You, too, can jump on the Jesus bandwagon!" Its all symbolic, you just gotta look at it for a moment.

Jer took Krya ice skating over the weekend. She's been taking lessons for the last 8 weeks and since she started lessons she's only been on the ice with Jer just once. I tried to get a good picture of her darting around on the ice, but the problem was my fat ass was not about to get on skates to follow her and from the sidelines, her darting was not working well for picture taking purposes. The best shot I got was Kyra laughing hysterically at Jer and he is, in turn, mocking her. Though it looks like they're trying to eat each other.
Oh, and you guys should totally run back and check out this video. Did you watch it? Now look at the one below. She is pulling her coach on the ice. What I wasn't able to get on camera was Kyra bunny hopping across the ice- while skating is in motion. I'm not certain how well I could accomplish that.

Today, being the last day for this session, was evaluation day. Kyra has moved from Beginning Tots 1 to Beginning Tots 3. In eight weeks. Her coach says she's a natural. We're able to fit in one more session before moving to the Artic Tundra of the north, I wonder just what she'll be doing by the time she finished with that session.

At least we're getting our money's worth out of this ├╝ber expensive hobby.


  1. Wow, what an improvement! So I get a free ticket, right? To watch her compete at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

  2. That's our little ice skating prodigy!

    Seriously? The face? Doesn't count! Not one single bit!!