Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Things I Learned This Thanksgiving

It is not very nice to call people's parents who are over 50 old. Even though I still think they are. Though I bet if you ask me again in 15-20 years my tune might change, but I make no promises.

4 families totaling 14 mouths fed, apparently, eat far less food then my average of 13-15 hungry mouths; 3-5 of which are single sailors. This year the single sailors camped out at Best Buy for whatever awesome deal they could score on this Black Friday. Boys had no clue what yummy delights they were missing.

When your 3 year old falls asleep at 5:30 the evening of Thanksgiving and stays that way until 7:15 the morning after, life is good.


  1. Did you call them "old" to their face? If so, that's not nice :(

    Otherwise, yes they are old.

  2. Hey, thats not very old!! LOL My hubby will be 50 in a few weeks!!