Tuesday, December 02, 2008

End of an Era...

Or so I'm hoping.

You see. I'm as large as the broad side of a barn. And in noticing this these past few weeks, it now comes as no surprise to me because I'm hungry all. the. fucking. time. Generally its a common thought that when you've begun eating the entire contents of the refrigerator... you're going to to get fat. Quickly.

Breakfast- I force myself to eat.
Lunch- usually either skipped or is very light.
Snack- makes up for the slack during lunch time.
Dessert- might as well be another meal in itself.
11 o'clock munchies- why in the hell am I still starving to death?
3am pee break- seriously, I am not going to get something to eat at this hour because I'll never get back to sleep. But damn am I still hungry.
Breakfast- do I seriously have to eat breakfast?

It is because of this awful eating habit I can no longer see my feet. I also can't seem to keep my belly covered with any maternity shirt that claims to be a medium. I like to claim it has much more to do with the fact that all my medium shirts have all-of-a-sudden shrunk length wise and has absolutely nothing to do with my enormous eating abilities between the hours of noon and 3am. Although this shrinking shirt theory could also be linked to the fact that the Termite has apparently decided to drop as my belly does not seem to be encroaching on the boobies' space anymore.

The OB said last week that I am past the point of stopping labor should my body decide to truly love me and go a little early. Knowing this, I'm hoping maybe my dropping belly and engorged eating habits may be a sign that I'll be going a bit early.

With Kyra I started eating everything in sight about two weeks prior to and my belly dropped 3 days before D-Day. I'm crossing my eyes, fingers and toes hoping maybe these are signs. Maybe my body truly loves me and will pop within the next few days/weeks.

But then again, I know better; Kyra was estimated to be 2-3 weeks late when she finally came into the world. Knowing that, I'm certain my body has no idea what the term "labor" really means until every millimeter of space is fully occupied by the fetus and, with that, I am also certain there are still a few more centimeters here and there. I have no doubt I won't be throwing my legs in the air to push any time soon.

So I guess there is nothing else to do but continue to get fatter by eating everything in sight. Maybe if my stomach gets engorged enough with food, my uterus will have no other choice but to push the expendable fetus out into the world.

Until that happens, any other ideas as to how I could induce labor naturally? Lets just go ahead and take sex and laxatives off the table. Can we come up with something a little less traumatic?


  1. I've heard lots of "tales" of getting labor to start none of which have ever worked for me..



    Castor Oil


    Spicy food



    You're soooooooo close. Bet you're sick of hearing that, too!

  2. I drank red raspberry leaf tea alot in my last trimester; didn't help bring on labour but really you can't beat 4 hours from start to finish.

    I also had extremely hot showers in the hopes that it would cause my waters to break (this happened with Kira) but since things were a little askew in the belly, this did not work with Nyki.

    I also ate some spicy foods, ate pineapple (which did nothing and then I read you have to eat like a gazillion pineapples for it to be even viable but then you're more likely to get hit with the squits than inducing labour lol) and walked when and where I could.

    Nyki was 3 days late. :\

    Totally feeling what you're going through... sad to say that really nothing is going to induce labour for you until bubs wants to move it on outta there, dr interference aside.

    I would strongly advise against castor oil though - google it if you're unsure. :)

    Crossing fingers for you that you're not going to have to wait too much longer!!!

  3. Pitocin Not Natural but only thing that worked for me i know you def dont wanna hear that though

    but i tried pineapple i ate two pineapples a day and all it did was kill my tounge i walked and walked and walked 5 miles twice a day on the treadmill and nothing
    (which is why i wasnt seen in the last few weeks before cailey was born) inducing labor naturally overtook my life...

    for your sake i hope she makes her appearance soon and plus i wanna hold a little baby cailey is getting huge and wont let me hold her like a baby anymore

  4. ok well Payton was taking her sweet time making an entrance! On my due date I was still 1/2 centimeter, no efficament and she had not dropped, I was nearly 200 pounds and it was the middle of freaking July!!! I was done so a dear friend of mine (who is a nurse) said to use evening primrose oil, buy the caplets pop a hole in the end, and squirt it as close to your cervix as you can, I was so freaking desperate I tried it and low and behold I had the chunker of a baby the next day!!! I am not kidding, if you lived closer I would bring you the rest of the caplets I have! Good luck it will happen soon I am sure she cannot stay in there forever!