Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feel the Love

Me: Honey, do you love me?
Jer: Yes, I love you.
Me: Forever and always?
Jer: Yes, forever and always.
Me: Even when I'm pregnant?
Jer: Even when you're pregnant.
Me: Then why did you say you wouldn't get me pregnant again?
Jer: With age comes wisdom, honey.

Clearly I am an absolute DOLL when pregnant!


Kyra told Jeremy several days ago that she's going to get married to King Cole. Jer is devastated at the thought of loosing his little girl to a nursery rhyme character.

Kyra ask me today what I was eating. I told her a cookie. She asked if she could have one. I told her no. She asks why. I tell her because she's not pregnant. Jer becomes upset because now he believes she's not only going to leave him and get married to King Cole, but she is also going to now get pregnant so she too can have one of my cookies.

I think he's missing the point that she first has to hit puberty for the whole baby making portion and that by then, I'm hoping she will have forgotten all about my cookie.

Besides, I already ate the last cookie after she went to bed.

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