Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Torture Your Kid As Revenge

Kyra asked over the weekend if she could sleep on the floor of her "living room". Jer and I saw no problem in this, so we obliged.
Biggest. Mistake. Ever. The kid was, seriously, up 18 times that night which meant I too was up 18 times that night, putting her back to bed in the floor. Lets just say it's going to be a long while before we indulge that request again.

Speaking of being up all night long... Kyra rarely sleeps through the night anymore. I don't know why, because this is God's way of torturing me for being such a pester bug to my husband is all I can guess. But, anyway, Kyra gets up several times a night and is always at my bedside trying to crawl in with me. The thing is- I don't do the whole co-sleeping thing. Never have, never will- the kid has her own bed for a reason.

So Kyra gets up all night long, waking me up several times a night only to have me take her back to her own bed and tuck her in "nug as a bug" upon her request. I was complaining to Jer yesterday about not getting enough sleep because not only am I up all hours of the night to pee, but Kyra's constantly at my bedside.

When we put Kyra to bed last night, Jer told Kyra that instead of waking Mommy up she should come to the couch and wake Daddy up. (Jer's taken to sleeping on the couch because I keep him up all night with my many midnight restroom breaks) Kyra, who is always good a following directions, does just that. Jer tells me this afternoon that Kyra woke him up 6 times last night. 6. Times. And- wait for it- THOUGHT I WAS EXAGGERATING about her waking up so often and getting no sleep because of it.

Seriously? Why would someone lie about something that stupid?

In other news, we forced Kyra to strap on her skates again for round 2 of Lets take video and pictures of Kyra falling on her ass! She was certainly not thrilled about trying this whole skating bit again. But that was too bad, she needed to go outside and get some exercise (a.k.a. work off some of her abundant amount of energy).

Why would we do such a thing, forcing her against her will, to put on her skates and torture her in such a way? Hello? Lack of sleep revenge? No, actually it's because we're not all about raising a pansy who falls a couple times and refuses to get up and try it again.

This time Jeremy held her hand until she found her footing. Once she was good with balancing he showed her how to alternate rolling one foot and then the other. With in a half hour Kyra was a skating fool.
Not that she can skate circles around us or anything but she can move in a forward motion without picking up her feet. And best of all, there was minimal crying even though there was still a maximum amount of falling. And a smile on her face for every picture to boot. I think it was a successful second outing. Here's hoping her third outing won't have to be forced upon her.

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