Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summing Up the Weekend

Did you all ever expect blue jeans and cowboy boots from me? How about wearing them to church?

Yep. I did that today. Totally had plans to wear something more "Sunday appropriate" but I didn't have any black thread to hem my black dress pants and I couldn't wear my khaki pants because I only have open toe brown shoes to match but my feet are in some desperate need of attention and so I chose to wear a pair of jeans with my dressy, flat,close toe black shoes except that my pants are too long and I can't roll the cuffs and expect it to look any kind of good with dress shoes so that lead me to the conclusion of wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots to church. (how you like that run on sentence?)

Do you think any less of me now? I wore a dress shirt and dangle earrings, does that improve matters any?

Oh, and my inseam- 25 1/2 inches. Yep. That's it. Nothing long or lanky about yours truly. Didn't believe me when I told you way back when I had the shortest legs ever, did you?


Jeremy took me on a shopping spree to find some maternity shirts. At 26 weeks I have finally come to the point where most of my regular shirts just wont due. That's like 10+ weeks later then when I gave up and bought maternity shirts for my pregnancy with Kyra. I'm totally proud of myself.


What do you all think Kyra should be for Halloween? She's being pretty compliant about the picking choices here. Almost anything we hold up she is totally can completely committed to... until we hold up then next costume.

I'm set on having her choose her costume this year but she's making this process damn difficult.


We saw the movie Igor this weekend. Super cute, though not quite at a 3 year old's level. Oh, and they said "Damn it" at one point which caught me off guard. But it was only once, and Kyra never seemed to notice, so I think I'm okay with that. But, seriously, they shouldn't be cussing in animated movies aimed at children. And I don't care how much they hear at home or on the playground.


Kyra's hair is a dark blond. Like, sometimes it looks more like a light brown but then other times you can see the blond highlights shimmering and it's no mistake. Though, with her birthday pictures, everything with the white background came out making her look like we've bleached her hair but then the other pictures with a black background makes her hair look normal again.

Does that help out the confusion some of you had?

Better yet, here's a picture I took of her a few days ago:

See what I mean. Dark blond/light brown, blond highlights.

She was busy sucking on a Sonic Minute Maid Apple Juice Slush, and that shit- is awesome. It totally tastes like the apple juices you used to get for grade school lunches- the ones that were still half frozen and all slushy like. Yep, tastes exactly like that. Mmm... total throw back that makes my mouth happy. As well as Jer and Kyra's because I totally have them both addicted.


Dear Sonic (or those who might be smarter then I),

Could you please explain to me why a Minute Maid Apple Juice Slush is listed as costing a dollar seventy nine on the menu, yet when my receipt is brought to me there is an extra ten cent charge for "Apple"? I have yet to find on your menu where you tell me I'm going to be charged ten cents more for a flavor that should already be included in the price.

Explanations. Anyone?


  1. I think she should go as Ariel since she seems to have a fondness for her. ;0

    I'm not going to be any help to you at all because it's not really a holiday we actually celebrate (though the kids really try hard to get it) and so I would be in the same boat as you if I had to take mine trick or treatin'.

  2. Alicia, honey, I live near Seattle, the capital of casual. People here come to church in grunge if it suits them. Blue jeans with a dress shirt is totally chic (prom-worthy if you come from a small town, at least according to my husband), and the cowboy boots are a nice touch.

    I can understand why people get confused over the color of Kyra's hair. I get that too. Wait until she develops red highlights too.