Saturday, September 06, 2008

Newest Learned Fact

Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on.

Like when Kyra runs a random temperature for two days strait. And then off and on for the following week.

Or like when she suddenly can't seem to control her bladder, having accidents every day, several times a day, for a week.

Or, even when she's probably been scratching *cough* herself *cough* for days but I don't notice it until she says something.

I finally caught on a few days ago, when discharge was going on in the neither regions, that my kid is more then likely sporting a pretty good UTI.

But you see, we're still visiting friends in the Land of the CornHuskers and can't hop into her pediatrician for a quick treatment. In fact, when the UTI light bulb shines on my brain we aren't even in the Land of the CornHuskers but a hotel in a bordering state. What perfect timing her little body has....

For four days now I've been throwing Ocean Spray Cran-Apple Juice her way and offering her yogurt that she's refused for the most part. For two of those days, we've been accident free. Seems the cranberry fix has been doing some good for her little system.

I haven't noticed any more slight fevers, no scratching, and no discharge.

Who knew when a 2 year old gets a UTI they loose the ability to control bodily functions? Learn something new every day with this parenting gig, I guess...


  1. That totally sucks. Hopefully, the cranberry juice will do the trick. They sell little chewable cranberry tablets, too, if Kyra starts to ban the juice.

  2. So now I know who to blame because I had a UTI this week as well. She probably got it the same reason I did. Having too much fun and/or not having the chance to pee. i would recommend the pills, only because sometimes too much Cranberry can upset the stomach. This is also so you can always carry them incase soemthing like this happens again.

  3. I tend not to give my 2 year old pills... just not the safest thing to do. But don't worry. She's not being loaded up with too much juice, 10oz a day. I mix it with half water when I give it to her anyhow because she says it burns her throat if I don't.

    But it seems to have worked. No more symptoms and all is back to normal. Yea for me, I was tired of random fevers and washing clothes every day!