Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lets Talk Condoms

Kyra picked up her first condom today.

At the beach.

It had been used.

I know, the act of sex on the beach is absolutely disgusting, the drink, however, is really yummy. But, really, who wants sand all in their personal cracks and crevices?

No I didn't take a picture. Your welcome.

Although I probably would have taken a picture of the condom laying in the sand if I had the ability. Because I'm gross and snicker at dirty humor like that. I had my camera, just not my memory card.


  1. YUCK! She picked up a used condom!! Poor Baby! Lovely. Notice the sex theme of your blog lately??

  2. Man.....I was so expecting a picture!! Yeah what is this with all the sex talk? Are your "fat" jeans becoming tight because you are prego?!

  3. Lisa- Why, no, I did not notice the sex theme... I'm a bit slow like that.

    CJ- HAHAHA! Sorry, but no. I'm just getting fat.

  4. ummm ... hun, what beach are you going to!? i need to tell y'all about the private beach, it's great, and no one around!! haha!