Friday, April 25, 2008

A Non Sex Related Topic

Something I've learned about myself today: I do not have the ability to not snatch a kid by the collar and tell them how to behave in public.

That is yet another reason I might not want to be a teacher when I finish my collage degree.

More parents now a day seem to frown on strangers disciplining their children. Me? I was wishing today that one of the parents closer then I would have swatted Kyra's bottom and told her she is not to climb up a slide, especially when children are waiting to use it properly.

Sadly, most people can control themselves better then I can because I, at the beach today, gave the older boy wanting to jump off the top of the ladder (in front of the toddlers patiently waiting to climb up) a stern warning that he needed to get down so the other children can climb up and he had better not jump off. After sizing me up for a second, I think he decided I was serious and wisely walked down.


  1. Good for you!!! I feel that if a child is doing something wrong and a parent is not doing anything about it, I need to say something. I certainly would have told Kyra to go down the right way. Disciplining people in public is something you tend to do more once you become a teacher. I say people because the other day I told my mother to throw out what was ever in her mouth. I said that to a grown woman. I was just so use to saying it that day in class that I just told her to spit it out! It was pretty funny.

  2. Don't let a tendency to discipline deter you from becoming a teacher. On the contrary, if you can make rules and stick to them, you might be the best teacher some of those kids have ever had.

  3. One morning as we were out having breakfast at a cafe, Kira decided to leave the table and run headlong down the path and attempt to run into the carpark where there was moving traffic. She knew what she was doing was wrong, and stopped abruptly as both myself and my mother shouted at her... but as I got up to go get her, she decided to slowly continue making her path forward into the carpark.

    I sped up, grabbed her arm and yanked her backward, delivering 2 sound slaps on her backside as I shooed her back toward the table, telling her how naughty she was etc, and realized that 2 elderly people nearby had the gall to look at me like *I* had just committed this most horrible crime.

    I so totally wanted one of them to say something. LOL.

    Nothing wrong with discipline I think. That's what 80% of the kids today are missing. :\