Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Easter in the Sunshine State

We moved to the Mason Dixon line so our lovely government could have our painted over rust clad boat torn to shreds. I personally think it would save a lot more time and money if they just took the damned thing out to sea, used it as target practice and made a reef out of it- all the while selling tickets and popcorn for all those who would love to watch the demise of the submarine that kept our husbands out to sea for so long.

But, instead they've sent them back out to sea again.

God bless the Navy and those head honchos who apparently hate seeing their wives. **insert eye roll here**

You see, the dry dock they are supposed to pull into is currently having problems shoving the boat currently residing there back into the water while still being in proper floating order. So out to sea we go. Apparently it's cheaper if they submerge our boys in a boat broken enough they're going to tear it apart then to just have them sit pier side and watch the waves slap the sides.

It'll be another Easter spent without Jeremy taking part in all the egg-tastic fun. So I'm taking my pity party back to the Sunshine State- and I'm bringing along a friend! Because, honestly, how can you really throw a pity party here?

Hey, don't make fun of our picture, we're a couple of hotties in person.


  1. so you are going to stop by and see us right!!!

  2. sniff sniff I wanted you to come here!!