Sunday, November 04, 2007

Need A Potty Break?

I could tell you about how Kyra has gone one week without having an accident during nap time. This is a feat that hasn't been accomplished since Jeremy came home from deployment.

Or, maybe, how she's not having nearly the number of accidents this last week as she's had in the month Jer's been home.

Possibly, though, I could fill you all in about how all my bragging about how my kid was so potty trained and I had the best little "pee pee in the potty" toddler that ever graced this world turned around and bit me in the bottom when Jer came home. Then we couldn't find enough pants to last us 3 days without having to do more loads of laundry.

Jeremy's homecoming over a month ago put one serious cramp in Kyra's potty training regimen. Not that he, personally, had anything to do with it, just his mere presence threw Kyra into a whirl wind full of accidental puddles.

Really, though, I tell you all of that just to tie in this picture I took over the summer. I've been stashing it, waiting for the most opportune time to write a post about it, but there's no explaining why there is both a toilet and recliner perched on some hay bales. Instead, you'll have to come up with your own reasons.

Humor me, why do you think this display was on the side of a highway?


  1. It is obviously a rest area. Can you think of a better way to rest than to sit on a toilet on top of a hay stack out in the middle of nowhere? Didn't think so. And the recliner is for the person who is waiting to use the toilet.

  2. i know where this is .... LOL!

  3. hahahaha.... that's funny, i seem to recall sitting on that toilet and in that recliner, i'd say about 10 years ago. lol.

  4. Wow, that's um...different! LOL! I think Lindsey hit the nail on the head with her description!